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  Saturday 30 July 2016       

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TFW your internet goes down and takes your smart home with it
Mashable Tech via Yahoo UK & Ireland News05 Jul 15:53
I woke up last Tuesday to the sound of light rain patters on my window and walked over to my bedroom desk and turned my MacBook on. As my Chrome browser bounced in the app dock and tried to reload my last opened tabs, I watched, still sleepy-eyed, as they failed the load. I glanced up at the menu bar and saw the Wi-Fi icon showed full bars. What the hell? "Alexa, turn on the bathroom lights," I...
Bright light! Watch an insane 20,000-Watt lightbulb test
Digital Trends via Yahoo UK & Ireland News25 Jul 10:48
Ever wondered what it's like to fire up a 20,000 watt lightbulb in your house? This crazy guy does exactly that, and although the results are, ahem, "illuminating." We really don't envy his next electricity bill though.
The first details about Nintendo's new game console sound crazy
Tech Insider via Yahoo UK & Ireland News26 Jul 15:26
A new report from Eurogamer, however, sheds a lot more light on what we can expect. It uses game cartridges rather than discs, though it's expected to have an online storefront for downloadable versions of games. Some of the first rumors of Nintendo's new console were about it being a console/handheld hybrid of sorts.