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  Friday 12 February 2016       

Sound & Light News
Gravitational waves: 6 cosmic questions they can tackle
Nature10 Feb 12:49
The discovery of ripples in space-time has vindicated Einstein but it can also do so much more.
Out in force for our Star Wars-themed church service
Portsmouth News28 Jan 23:32
Music from Star Wars and cream pie splatting isn what you would expectchurch? to sound or look like but that exactly what happened at a special event for families in Warsash.
Scientists Find Hundreds Of Galaxies Hidden Behind The Milky Way
Yahoo News via Yahoo UK & Ireland News10 Feb 11:09
idden Galaxies In The Zone Of Avoidance? may sound like a Fall Out Boy song title but in fact it a major scientific discovery of hundreds of hidden galaxies just down the intergalactic road from Earth.