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  Wednesday 05 August 2015       

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BMW's EnLighten app will let drivers know when traffic lights are due to change
Daily Mail03 Aug 15:29
The German automaker is the first to embed an app (screenshot shown) that lets drivers anticipate traffic signal changes by displaying real-time data on the dashboard.
INTERVIEW: Myth vs. reality: Everything you ever need to know about audio
TechRadar16 Jul 23:06
Creative Labs Go on any audio forum and you'll find a deluge of audio purists arguing the merits of lossless media, what the best headphones are that week and how your taste in music is the worst. Sorting facts from opinions in this lawless land of FLACs and Ogg Vorbis files can be a headache so, in an effort to spread the purest aural information available, we went to one of the most preeminent...